Thai Chili

8696 Elk Grove Blvd
Ste 5
Elk Grove, CA 95624

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

With an abundance of Thai restaurants in the Sacramento area, you really have to question yourself about who is really worth going to. In Elk Grove, Thai Chili seems to be a popular choice. Located in the older part of Elk Grove off of Elk Grove Boulevard and Highway 99, Thai Chili cooks up authentic Thai cuisine at OK prices.

Today, we ordered the Pad Thai and one of their lunch specials that included Thai fried rice and Thai sausages. The Pad Thai arrived a bit too saucy and orange. The taste of the Pad Thai definitely was mediocre. I did appreciate the fact that the Pad Thai did include both Chicken and Shrimp unlike other restaurants who only offer one choice of meat. The Thai Fried Rice and Thai Sausages were more of a disappointment. The rice seemed undercooked, or old as it was quite had and dry, lacking flavor. The Thai Sausages seemed to have rice in the sausage as a filler, and also carried an overly salty flavor. I did like how each table had its own carafe of water for you to fill your own water cups.

Overall, Thai Chili does not have my vote for good Thai Food. The food lacked flavor at times, but had too much flavor or salt at other times. I much rather prefer Siam Restaurant if I was in search for Thai food. Thai Chili may be an acceptable choice if you are in Elk Grove, but I would suggest eating elsewhere.

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