The Sandwich Spot

1420 65th Street, Suite 104

Sacramento, CA 95819

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

In an effort to try out a different sandwich place, we ended up going to The Sandwich Spot. With a certificate in hand, we went through the lengthy menu posted on the wall. Staff was able to help answer questions about the menu and provide suggestions. Sandwiches are customizable after ordering with various choices of bread and toppings available, but cheese is only included on some sandwiches. Each sandwich is around seven to 10 inches long.

Today, we ordered the Triple Play and the Basket Catch. The Triple Play was ordered on Dutch crunch bread with added cheese and came with turkey, salami, and roast beef. The bread tasted fresh and had a lot of crunch, The inside of the sandwich was a great contrast through the tender sliced meats. Each bite tasted fresh, but there was a not a lot of flavor from the meats. The secret sauce did provide a little kick and flavor, but the sandwich was a bit bland overall. The Basket Catch was ordered on a sweet roll and included meatballs, marinara sauce, bacon, pepper jack cheese, and tomato. There were plenty of meatballs inside, and I liked how they were sliced in half, but the meatballs were quite soft. I liked how the sauce tasted healthy, but was a little bland. As a whole, the sandwich tasted OK, but was not that flavorful or amazing.

Overall, The Sandwich Spot serves up a large variety of combinations of sandwiches that suits your tastes. Prices are a bit high for what you get, but the certificate helps lessen the blow. A reduction in menu items could of probably reduced inventory prices and in turn, reduce menu prices. Overall, if you are tired of large chain sandwich shops, The Sandwich Spot could be a viable option. If I had to decide, I would probably not come back unless I have a certificate handy.

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