The Vox Kitchen – Fountain Valley CA

16161 Brookhurst St

Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Located in the same shopping center as Project Poke, the Vox Kitchen serves up Asian fusion dishes to the masses with potentially long wait times. Before visiting, be sure to check on Yelp for their wait times, as you are able to check in on the app. If you were to arrive without checking in, you would check in on their Yelp tablet anyways. When we arrived, we were still early for our check in time, so we had to wait. When we were called, we were quickly seated at a table and provided with menus. We also scored a free drink by checking in on Yelp. Servers were attentive during this process as we prepared to order.

Today, we decided to order the elote (corn on the cob), house garlic noodles with rib-eye steak, and the “SALTADO” shaken fries with filet mignon. We also ordered a watermelon lemonade, which was quite refreshing but tasted more like fresh watermelon juice and came with free refills. The free drink was a lychee lemonade, which was also refreshing and came with a bunch of shredded real lychee at the bottom. The elote came first, and was very fresh and juicy. There were hints of spices and many sauces. The house garlic noodles came with plenty of garlic, and the medium-rare rib-eye added some delicious protein to the dish. Each piece of beef was tender and full of beefy flavor. The extra green sauce was not needed to add flavor to the meat. The shaken fries with filet mignon came with a side of rice and optional egg on top. The beef here was not as tender, but was still very flavorful, which went well with the eggs and rice. The fries were tasty, but at this point, we were pretty full.

Overall, the Vox Kitchen serves up some innovative menu items including some delicious garlic noodles. Service was very good at the beginning of the service, but there was a decline after we received all of our food. Prices lean towards the higher side for the entrees, but you are getting high quality food with fairly large portion sizes. If you are in Fountain Valley and want to eat something tasty, you cannot really go wrong with the Vox Kitchen.

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