Three Broomsticks – Universal City, CA

100 Universal City Pl

Universal City, CA 91608

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Located in the new Harry Potter area of Universal Studios, the Three Broomsticks serves up as variety of food to the park-goers. Since we arrived pretty early, breakfast was still being served. Since we didn’t want to wait any longer for lunch and also felt that breakfast would be fulfilling, we were able to pass up a few people in line so that we can order.

Today, we decided to order two American breakfasts. Each meal came with a drink, so we opted for orange juice and butterbeer. The breakfast was fairly standard, but it actually tasted really good. The bacon was crispy and fresh. The sausage was juicy and flavorful. The eggs were not runny and held up very well. The sliced potatoes were seasoned and delicious. The croissant was fresh and flaky. The orange juice was just your basic Minute Maid, but I was excited to try the butterbeer. Unfortunately, the butterbeer was just a slightly diluted cream soda with extra bubbles.

Overall, the Three Broomsticks created a simple tasty meal at a reasonable price that included drinks. I was really looking for more when it came to the butterbeer, but I wasn’t sure what to expect anyways. If you happen to be in Universal Studios, then I can definitely recommend the Three Broomsticks, at least for breakfast.

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