Twin Peaks

535 Howe Ave

Sacramento, CA 95825

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 

Located right off Howe Avenue near Fair Oaks, Twin Peaks serves up typical American bar food in large quantities with a multitude of televisions broadcasting an array of sports all around you. When we arrived for dinner, there was a 15-20 minute wait, so we put my phone number down and took a seat while watching the Kings game. 18 minutes or so later, the hostess brought us to an available booth. A short while later, our server came by to take our drink orders, and we placed our food orders as well.

Today, we decided to order the Peaks Sampler, Chicken Fried Steak, and Beer Battered Fish & Chips. It took an excessive amount of time for us to receive our drinks after placing our order. The server eventually came by several minutes later and apologized about the drinks as she said she asked another coworker to bring drinks for us. Our server brought our drinks as we continued to wait for the food. A significant amount of time passed again before our two entrees arrived, and the appetizer didn’t arrive until some time after that. The Peaks Sampler came with juicy spicy buffalo tenders, which went well with the bleu cheese. The mozzarella bites tasted OK with the marinara, but the marinara was a bit watery. The fried pickles had a batter that was quite salty, and the ranch didn’t help. The chicken fried steak was fairly tough and the meat was not seasoned at all. Like the fried pickles, the batter on the chicken fried steak was also quite salty. The mashed potatoes were very chunky and did not have enough gravy at all. When I ordered the chicken fried steak, I requested to substitute the green beans for smoked mac & cheese, but they ended up doubling the mashed potato order instead. I had to let the server know about their mishap and wait even longer to receive the smoked mac & cheese. The smoked mac & cheese tasted extremely smokey and was not very cheesy, but I liked the style of pasta used. The beer battered fish and chips came in large chunks with plenty of fries. The batter was quite light and the fish went well with the tartar sauce. Unfortunately, one of the pieces had some bones in it. The fries tasted fairly fresh.

Overall, Twin Peaks serves up mediocre food with a few worthwhile mentions, but service is sub-par. Out of the entire meal, the highlight would have to be the buffalo tenders, but the rest of the meal was disappointing. You either need a lot of patience or just want to watch TV because there is plenty of room for improvement for service and food. Prices are decent, but the wait is sure not worth it. The ambience is also quite loud, so it is hard to carry a conversation. I do not recommend coming here.

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