Wa Wa Restaurant – Long Beach, CA

406 E First St A

Long Beach, CA 90802

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Located on a fairly unassuming block in Long Beach, Wa Wa restaurant serves up simple Chinese-American dishes at great prices. In an effort to eat fewer carbs, I stumbled upon this establishment desiring no rice. There are a few tables inside the restaurant, but many people just ordered takeout.

Today, I decided to order the 3-item entree plate and one chicken skewer. I asked for the 3-item plate without rice thinking that they would just not fill up the box all the way. I was wrong. Without rice, the entire takeout container was filled with my three entrees of choice: broccoli beef, orange chicken, and teriyaki chicken. The broccoli beef had good tasting broccoli, but the beef did not taste fresh. The orange chicken had a thick hard breading, but the flavor was OK. The teriyaki chicken was tender for the most part, but the dish was not fresh. The chicken skewer had some chewy parts and was a bit dry, but was seasoned OK.

Overall, Wa Wa Restaurant serves up the basic Chinese-American food that people have grown accustomed to at excellent prices. However, quality and freshness were not that great for some of the items I chose. If I wanted Chinese food in the area, I would not mind coming back to Wa Wa, but my expectations still stay very low.

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