Well Season Seafood Restaurant

9089 Bruceville Rd

Elk Grove, CA 95758

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Located at the former site of Hometown Buffet in Elk Grove, Well Season Seafood Restaurant brings large-scale dim sum to the Elk Grove community. When we arrived in the parking lot, we noticed the restaurant seemed very busy and there were few available parking spaces. When we entered the restaurant, most of the tables seemed occupied, so a hostess provided us with a ticket while they looked for an available table. After only 2 minutes or so, we were taken to an available table. Servers took our usual tea order and we were ready to order.

Today, we decided to try the har gow, sui mai, steamed sticky rice chicken, xiao long bao, pork turnovers, BBQ pork steamed rice rolls, and egg tarts. All of the food we received was fresh, and there were plenty of food carts being pushed around by staff. The har gow tasted OK as a large chunk of shrimp, but was a bit bland. The sui mai was also quote meaty, but bland. The steamed sticky rice chicken was flavorful and came with a good amount of fillings. The xiao long bao tasted OK, but there was not much of any soup inside. The pork turnovers did not have much filling, but the outsides were crispy. The BBQ pork steamed rice rolls tasted fresh, and tasted great with the cilantro inside. The egg tarts had a peculiar taste to them, but the crust was flaky.

Overall, the dim sum here is plentiful, but the tastes can be quite bland. Service was pretty good, and meal service was quick. Prices are a bit high, especially for medium and large-sized items. We did request for a fried shrimp ball order, but it did not arrive until we were already full. If you live in Elk Grove, then Well Season would be a convenient dim sum location, but if you do not live in that area, you are better off heading to Stockton Boulevard.

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