XA Sweet & Savory Cafe – Orange, CA

424 S Main St

Orange, CA 92868

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

In search for food in the Anaheim area outside of Disneyland, we decided to try XA Sweet & Savory Cafe in Orange. Writing on the walls express the idea that the cafe serves up healthy unique food. Upon entering the empty restaurant, we were quickly greeted by the cashier. After explaining the menu to us, we decided to order.

Today, we ordered the build your own entree with one entree that included chicken breast, garlic noodle, and green beans, and a second entree that included wild cod, garlic noodle, and sautéed broccoli  While waiting for our food, we were able to sample a couple of cookies since it was our first time here. The bacon chocolate chip cookie was savory and sweet while still being very soft and chewy. The green tea chocolate chip cookie had hints of tea flavor, but was mostly chocolate chip. The cookies tasted pretty good and chewy, so we opted to order 6 more cookies to go: Mexican hot chocolate, chocolate chip, Thailand durian, bacon chocolate chip, s’mores, and blueberry marshmallow. All of those cookies tasted good and the flavors are all pronounced in each cookie, but you have to be someone who likes soft chewy cookies. Our entrees arrived in large square plates with each dish presented well. The chicken breast was juicy and the tamarind sauce went well with the meat and garlic noodles. The green beans were fresh and the entire dish tasted healthy. Parts of the noodle tasted dry and were hard, but the noodles did not taste overly garlicy. The entree with wild cod tasted just as good. Even with the same shortcomings in the noodles, the dish still tasted great and healthy since the fresh lemon basil sauce complimented well with the fresh cod. The broccoli was not as fresh as the other vegetables, but still tasted good with the rest of the dish.

Overall, XA Sweet and Savory introduces a very customizable menu where you get many options of meat, sauces, and sides. The dishes are presented well and taste delicious. If you are looking for a unique inexpensive dining experience, you need to give XA a try.

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