YD Restaurant

8979 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95826

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Sacramento sure does have its fair share of Korean restaurants between the Watt and Bradshaw exits of highway 50. When it comes to Korean food, I always need to try the bulgogi. For those who do not know what bulgogi is, bulgogi is basically a barbequed meat dish marinated in Korean BBQ sauce. Today we ordered beef bulgogi and spicy pork bulgogi. At YD, the menu is basically your place mat. Unfortunately, the menu is only one sided and did not have as many options like Mo Do Rang or Oz.

When you eat at a Korean restaurant, it is customary for the restaurant to start you off with a set of side dishes, quickly filling up the table. Dishes include cabbage kimchi, pickled bean sprouts, cucumber kimchi, and more. Generally, I am not really a fan of many of these dishes. If you are more adventurous, then this part of the meal will be quite enjoyable for you. As for the side dishes that I actually tried, they were quite fresh and delicious.

Brought to you on a sizzling hot plate, the aroma of barbequed meat really fills the table. Both meat dishes came with a side of rice. The beef was tender and the taste was delicious. The spicy pork was a bit spicy, and the meat was equally delicious. Portion size was a bit small, but it made sense since we ordered the lunch portion size.

Overall, YD provided a tasty meal at a decent price. Generally, I find Korean food to be overpriced in comparison to other Asian cuisine, but I figure that the extra cost covers the side dish overhead costs. Service was a bit slow at the end while waiting for the check and boxes. The one server was busy talking to the couple at the next table, clearly seeing that we were already done eating and just waiting, but never walked over to say anything to us. It took a wave for her to reluctantly come over to check on us and provide the check. In general, if you want some good tasting Korean food that is easily accessible from the freeway, YD can fulfill the need. If you want more menu options or friendlier service, go check out Mo Do Rang or Oz.

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