101 Taiwanese Cuisine – Reno, NV

400 W 5th St
Ste 104
Reno, NV 89503

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

In search of good cheap Asian food in Reno, we came across some tasty Taiwanese cuisine. Located a few blocks down from the big three casinos, 101 Taiwanese Cuisine serves up authentic Taiwanese food at a reasonable price.

Today we ordered the braised beef noodle soup, braised pork hamburger, and the crispy pork cutlets over rice. The braised beef noodle soup was very good. There was plenty of noodles and tender pieces of beef. The soup broth was full in flavor. The braised pork hamburger was OK. Calling the item a hamburger is a bit misleading. The burger is basically a slice of pork in a bun resembling a BBQ pork bun. The crispy pork cutlets was quite tasty and included two salads.

Overall, 101 Taiwanese Cuisine provides a decent array of food items to choose from. If you are in town and wanted to eat somewhere good outside of the casinos, then this would be a great place to go to.

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