50’s Prime Time Café – Orlando FL

351 S Studio Dr

Kissimmee, FL 32836

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Located inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios, 50’s Prime Time Cafe brings you back to the 50’s with vibrant decor and friendly service. We arrived early for our reservation, and they still allowed us to check in. We were able to wait in a large waiting area near the bar where we could watch various old TVs. Within twenty minutes or so, a hostess called us and brought us to a table. Menus were provided before the server arrived. Before the server comes, be sure you remember to keep your elbows off the table for the duration of the meal or you will end up doing homework. After we reviewed the menu, we were ready to order.

Today, we decided to order grandma’s chicken pot pie and a sampling of mom’s favorite recipes. Grandma’s chicken pot pie arrived hot and open on a dish. I was expecting more of a pie shape, but this open soup style still looked appealing. The combination of chicken, pie crust, and soup did go well together, but there wasn’t any extravagant flavors. With that said, the dish did taste good. The sampler did come with a nice variety of items. The fried chicken was very crispy, but I was hoping for more flavor from the breading. The pot roast was very tender and flavorful. The meatloaf was also very flavorful, and I wish the piece of meat was larger. The mashed potatoes tasted OK with the gravy, but was nothing special. The veggies were fresh, and you also need to make sure you finish all of your vegetables and preferably clean your plate so that the server does not scold you.

Overall, the food at 50’s Prime Time Cafe tasted decent, but was nothing really special. The ambiance and service were great and you really get brought back in time. If you were to use the restroom, make sure you wash your hands and remember what color the soap was, just in case the server asks. Prices for the food leans towards the higher end, but the quality and flavors are more mediocre. If you are looking for a great experience, then you should definitely give this place a try, but just have lower expectations for the food itself.

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