The Daily Poutine – Orlando FL

1674 E. Buena Vista Drive, #A

Orlando, FL 32830

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Located in Disney Springs near World of Disney, The Daily Poutine serves up fries with various toppings. There was some outdoor seating available in the near vicinity of the food booth. After we quickly reviewed the menu board near the cashier, we were ready to order. Today, we decided to try the Italian and the French versions of poutine. After a short wait, the food was ready, and we located an available table. The Italian poutine resembled what you would  have expected with Bolognese sauce and mozzarella cheese, and it tasted very much like a pasta dish, but with fries. Unfortunately, it was not flavorful, and was a bit salty. The French poutine had a whole lot more depth of flavor and tasted a whole lot more appealing. It was also not as salty as the Italian version. Overall, the overpriced concoctions from this poutine shop tasted OK, but were not amazing. If you really wanted some flavorful fries during your shopping trip in Disney Springs, then you can opt for the French poutine here, but with so much food available in Disney Springs, you should probably go elsewhere.

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