Be Our Guest Restaurant – Orlando FL

Magic Kingdom Dr

Orlando, FL 32836

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

As one of the most popular restaurants in all of Walt Disney World, Be Our Guest Restaurant serves up a variety of French dishes in the theme of Beauty and the Beast inside the Magic Kingdom. Due to the popularity, guests really need to book their dining reservations 180 days in advance, especially for dinner, if you want to give this restaurant a try. We ended up eating here for both lunch and dinner, so we got to see and taste both menus and both experiences.

We first visited for dinner and checked in five minutes before our reservation time. Once checked in, we waited outside the restaurant until we were called in by a hostess. When we were brought inside, the hostess gave us a tour of the different rooms before bringing us to the table. The restaurant has three rooms: the ballroom, west wing, and rose gallery. We had requested for the west wing since it is the most interesting with the rose in the glass and a slashed portrait of the beast was on the wall. The utensil setting came with a cloth napkin wrapped very tightly in the shape of a rose. The menu was fairly simple and items were priced on the higher end of the price spectrum. A server arrived shortly and offered to answer any questions and take our drink order. After quickly reviewing the menu we were ready to order.

Today, we decided to order the French onion soup, sautéed shrimp and scallops, grilled strip steak, the grey stuff, and lemon meringue cupcake. Warm bread and softened butter was provided first, which was a nice touch. The French onion soup came right after, and it tasted amazing. There was tons of gooey cheese all over the top of the soup. Underneath the delicious cheese, there was a delicious blend of onion, bread, and soup. This was the best French onion soup I have ever tried. The sautéed shrimp and scallops tasted very fresh and healthy. There were also tender pieces of lobster mixed in, which tasted delicious. The pasta was thin and went well with the sauce. The strip steak was tender and cooked properly. The garlic butter sauce made the steak even more tasty. The fries tasted OK, but they were nothing special. After eating our entrees, the server came back and offered us desserts by pushing a dessert cart to our table. At first glance, we wanted to order everything, but we decided to just order two. The grey stuff was delicious and went well with the simple cheesecake below. The lemon meringue cupcake was very light and tasted healthy while still being packed with flavor.

In terms of dinner, service was on point, and the dishes tasted delicious, but prices were definitely on the high side with entrees costing over $30 each with fairly small portion sizes. Each dessert was $5, which was reasonable. Dinner is also the only time when the Beast actually has a photo opportunity inside the restaurant. We also spent time visiting the other dining rooms to take a look at the art and decor.

On a later date, we returned to Be Our Guest Restaurant to try out their quick service lunch. We really wanted to check in early, but they still didn’t allow check in until five minutes before our reservation. After we checked in, we had to wait in another line that went inside the restaurant that lead to the self-order kiosks. After waiting over 20 minutes, we finally placed our order and were sent on our way to locate own table and fill our own drinks. Unlike other quick service restaurants, servers still bring the food to your table. When you make your kiosk order, you are given a rose tracking device that helps servers locate you when delivering your food. We had plenty of time in line to review the menu, so we ordered very quickly.

Today, we decided to order the French dip sandwich, croque monsieur sandwich, and French onion soup. Prices for lunch are much more reasonable at almost half the cost of dinner. We did have to wait over 20 minutes before the food arrived at our table in the rose gallery. The French onion soup was cheesy just like during dinner at the same portion size, but at a much better price. The French dip sandwich was quite underwhelming, and most of the au jus had spilled over the plate before even landing on the table. The croque monsieur sandwich tasted quite bland even with the ham and cheese. The fries were fresh, but many of my fries were soaked with au jus.

In terms of lunch, Be Our Guest Restaurant does serve up edible food at great prices, but the experience and quality do fall through. The best dish to order during lunch is the French onion soup since it is identical to the dinner version at a lower price. The same desserts were available for order during lunch,  but you do not get the experience of the table-side dessert cart.

Overall, Be Our Guest Restaurant does serve up some interesting food to Beauty and the Beast fans, but the lunch disappoints and dinner is expensive. The food definitely tasted better during dinner and you get to see the beast, so I would suggest going to dinner if you wanted to try out the experience. Lunch is definitely worth skipping especially if lines are long. Again, make sure you make the dinner reservation 180 days before your trip so that you can enjoy tasty expensive French cooking with great ambience.

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