88 Tofu

6914 65th St 301
Sacramento, CA 95823

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

When it comes to Korean food, you usually need to head towards Rancho Cordova. With 88 Tofu opening in south Sacramento, Korean food got a whole lot closer. Located in the same shopping plaza as SF Supermarket on 65th St by Stockton Blvd, 88 Tofu sits at the end of a busy strip mall. Decor is minimal, but service is pretty good. After ordering the happy hour special for Pork Bulgogi, the waitress brought over 6 side dishes and 1 salad side dish. After finishing a couple of the side dishes, the waitress offered a refill of the side dishes, which was nice.

The pork bulgogi arrived on a hot plate with a side of rice in a metal container. The pork had a spicy BBQ sauce on them, which was a bit spicy but not too spicy. The pork was juicy and delicious. They gave plenty of meat on the plate, almost too much for the amount of rice given.

Overall, 88 Tofu did a great job on the pork bulgogi. I have not tried their tofu soups yet, but I assume they will be just as tasty as the pork bulgogi. 88 Tofu definitely deserves a second visit to try out more of their dishes.

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