Silver Skillet

2828 El Centro Rd
Sacramento, CA 95833

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

A visit to Sacramento’s 49er truck plaza off of West El Camino on I-80 will bring you a handful of restaurants to choose from. Since I never been to the truck plaza before, the 24-hr Silver Skillet sounded like a good choice. Located in a busy truck plaza, Silver Skillet provides family fare including breakfast, burgers, pasta, salads, and BBQ. They currently have a check-in offer on Yelp for 15% off as well. Today we ordered the Giant Buffalo Wings, Sausage Links with Eggs, and a Full Rack of Ribs.

The giant wings were really good. The buffalo sauce tasted pretty standard, and came with a decent amount of kick. The carrot and celery slices were clean and fresh. The Sausage Links with Eggs came with hash browns and biscuit. The eggs were fluffy, but needed more flavor than salt and pepper (so I used ketchup). The hash browns were cooked nicely and tasted great with ketchup. The sausage links were OK, but did not have as much flavor as Denny’s. The biscuit was good and flaky.

The most impressive part of the meal were the ribs. The full rack of ribs were HUGE! In comparison to every other full rack I have ever ordered, this one is definitely the largest. The ribs come partially cut up to the fatty/meat part. I found it interesting that they kept that part of the beef on. The ribs had a smokey red glow and had an adequate amount of BBQ sauce rubbed on it. The meat was tender and juicy. Unfortunately, with all the food ordered, only half the rack was consumed, leaving the rest for left overs.

Overall, Silver Skillet turned out some really good BBQ. For the breakfast, I would say they are OK. If you were to go to Silver Skillet, I would definitely suggest the BBQ. Don’t go too late in the evening because the last thing you want is for them to run out of ribs.

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