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Rating: ★★★★½ 

When you think about going out to eat breakfast, you need to think about Denny’s. As a happy guest over the years, I can always depend on getting a delicious meal from Denny’s. In the past, I have run into locations that provide a level of service that is unacceptable, but I now have found a location that always provides a good experience. If you had to go to Denny’s I would definitely go to the one in West Sacramento.
The menu at Denny’s changes every so often, and this time I found that they changed one of their delicious fusion drinks to now include strawberry lemonade. They actually have real strawberry pieces at the bottom, which I really appreciate. I dislike variants of strawberry lemonade that only use strawberry syrup like at Applebee’s. In terms of food, I designed my own grand slam to include eggs, sausage, pancakes, and hash browns. Every part of the meal was delicious. Usually, I am able to finish the entire meal including the drink, and this time was no exception.
If I had a choice between Denny’s and IHOP, I would definitely choose Denny’s. With good service and great food, Denny’s fits the bill when it comes to breakfast. With most locations open 24 hours, people can eat breakfast at any time of the day. If you go, I suggest you order a fruity drink along with some breakfast. While you are there, check out their 2, 4, 6, 8 menu for other great deals.

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  1. […] nicely and tasted great with ketchup. The sausage links were OK, but did not have as much flavor as Denny’s. The biscuit was good and […]

  2. […] huge! After tasting, I definitely feel that the pancakes tasted much better than both IHOP and Denny’s. The cakes were fluffy, but kept its shape. The tri-tip dip was equally delicious. The Au Jus was […]

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