Yummy Juice Cafe

3005 B Freeport Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95818

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

If it’s late at night and you are craving Chinese food, then you might end up at Yummy Juice Cafe. With hours reaching 2AM or 3AM on weekends, Yummy Juice becomes the final option when it comes to a variety of Chinese food. Focused more on Hong Kong cafe style dishes, walls are lined with Chinese menu item listings as a supplement to the main food and drink menus.

Today I ordered the Singapore rice noodles and a teriyaki chicken over rice. The noodles were delicious and were ordered with no vegetables as usual. There was just the right amount of curry while still having a generous amount of meat. With that said, the good commends pretty much end here. The teriyaki chicken had a really heavy sauce that was too strong. The chicken had bones in it still (low quality meat). The proportion of meat to rice was less than desirable.

To make matters even worse, a 15-20 minute window for takeout readiness became more of a 30 minute wait. For some reason, the restaurant was quite busy, almost filling up all the tables for a Wednesday night. If I knew that the food was going to take 30 minutes, I would have just got a burger instead. I hope they can either improve their estimates or cook faster. I will need to return again to order my favorite dish from here, the sweet corn with spam over rice. Hopefully next time they improve on their service.

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