Planet Hollywood – Las Vegas

@ Forum Shops Inside Caesar’s Palace

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

With free appetizer coupon in hand, we head to the Planet Hollywood restaurant inside Caesar’s Palace’s Forum Shops. We got the coupon from people handing out free stuff after check in. Fine print shows free appetizer is only good for the spinach dip or captain chicken crunch with $15 minimum purchase.

Being a Planet Hollywood restaurant, there are a lot of movie and music memorabilia around the restaurant. With that said, that should not be a reason to come eat here. At first, the server was slow to even come to the table.  Eventually, the hostess noticed that we were not helped yet so she grabbed us waters. After ordering with the server, another lade came by offering to take a free souvenir photo, which we did participate.

The first sings of food included the spinach dip, which was presented differently from other spinach dip orders I had in the past. This version involves a hollowed out round bread filled with dip. The edges of the bread are cut around the entire circumference of itself. The dip was delicious! There is a varying level of flavors included with its tomato and onion topping with hidden sliced mushrooms inside.

Soon, the main course came as the Chicken Macaroni & Cheese. The food server asked if we wanted freshly ground pepper and cheese, and I said yes. Our first thought about the dish reminded us about Velveeta cheese and soon through more thorough analysis, the cheese definitely has to be Velveeta. Due to the vast amount of cheese in the dish, there really wasn’t much flavor. There was just enough chicken for the entire dish, cut into strips matching the size of the pasta. This dish was just to cheesy and lacked more depth of flavor.

Overall, the spinach dip appetizer definitely was the highlight of the meal. If we had to come back, we would probably just order appetizers. With high prices and poor service, this location leaves little to be desired. Eventually the photo lady did come back with our free picture, which included a $10 off $20 meal purchase for next time. At the same time, the photo lady brought over two different pictures of us and was selling them to us for $15 for one, or $20 for both. Again, you are better off eating elsewhere, preferably Hard Rock Cafe if you like the music theme.

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