4850 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95822

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Left with a certain hunger for good teriyaki chicken, I ventured to Raley’s to get some quick good tasting food. This review focuses on this specific location for the food, but generally the food quality can be applied to every Raley’s and Bel Air in the Sacramento area. Prepared and all ready to go in a hot case, Chinese food at Raley’s is definitely considered fast food. With that being said, this is really good fast food.
I ordered a simple teriyaki chicken rice bowl for $4.99 which included a heaping topping of fresh teriyaki chicken over a bed of white rice. Technically, you can choose any other available entree over rice for $4.99. I find the price very acceptable and quite worth it. The chicken was cooked just right and smothered in a delicious teriyaki sauce. Due to my hunger, I couldn’t help but start eating after smelling the aroma of the food even before I took the picture.
Overall, I find Raleys and Bel Air to have a great Chinese food area for those in quick need to get some lunch or dinner to go. If you can’t find yourself going into a Chinese restaurant to order takeout, or if you just want some good simple Chinese food, just head to Raleys and Bel Air. You will find that the food tastes a whole lot better than Panda Express.

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