Black Bear Diner

2700 El Centro Rd
Sacramento, CA 95833

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

As you arrive in inspired restaurant, you are treated to a newspaper menu that lists a plethora of menu options all at once. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is available all day long. Service was really good, and even the manager checked up on tables at least twice during the meal. Today, we ordered a full stack of pancakes, tri-tip dip, and bacon wrapped chicken breast.

The pancakes arrived first, and looked huge! After tasting, I definitely feel that the pancakes tasted much better than both IHOP and Denny’s. The cakes were fluffy, but kept its shape. The tri-tip dip was equally delicious. The Au Jus was flavorful, the meat was tender, and the cheese melted. Accompanying the sandwich, the french fries were cooked well and tasted great with the sandwich. The meal also came with a side of chicken noodle soup that tasted good, but not spectacular. Finally, the bacon wrapped chicken breast was good. The bacon, broccoli, chicken, and sauce went well together. The only downside was that the chicken breast was too dry.

Overall, Black Bear Diner offers a great dining experience with large portion sizes. I repeat, large portion sizes. The menu makes it hard to choose something to order because there is so much good food to choose from. It was kind of daunting to look across the entire newspaper menu and arrive at one menu item (that’s why I ended up choosing the pancakes and the tri-tip dip), but you should be fine with just one menu item even if you are very hungry. If you want good American food, head to Black Bear Diner.

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