ABC Bakery

1309 Florin Rd

Sacramento, CA 95831

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Located in the Bel Air shopping center on Florin Road, ABC Bakery is one of the most popular Chinese bakeries in Sacramento. On this visit, we not only wanted to pick up some buns to go, we also wanted to try their various takeout dim sum options. When we entered, there were plenty of staff helping plenty of people. Various staff in the back were preparing more buns or bringing out more trays of food.

Today, we decided to order the Siu Mai, Har Gow, BBQ pork rice roll, sweet rice chicken, and egg custard. The Siu Mai came out of a large steam tray. Each dumpling was very large and steaming hot. The entire dumpling was made of pork with some bits of mushroom. The dumpling was seasoned well and not overly salty. The Har Gow also came from a large steaming tray and was filled with large amounts of shrimp. Each bite tasted fresh and savory. The BBQ pork rice roll came in a nice small tray from the steamer rack and came with a side of soy sauce. Each bite tasted fresh and had plenty of meat, but the rice roll was sticking quite a bit and broke apart at times. The sweet rice chicken came with an ample amount of fillings including chicken, Chinese sausage, egg yolk, and roasted pork. The rice was nice and soft and the entire item tasted delicious. The egg custard is presented very cleanly with a nice smooth custard filling and a thick flaky crust. I liked how the crust stayed together very well and did not fall apart.

Overall, ABC bakery serves up some delicious takeout dim sum dishes that warrant many return trips. Although I did not mention the taste and quality of the BBQ pork buns and hot dog buns, previous tastings also represent the delicious flavors of this dim sum trip. Prices are reasonable and service is great. If you are craving for some delicious takeout dim sum or buns, head to ABC bakery. FYI, there is no fee for credit card purchases over $18.

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