Cattlemens Restaurant

2000 Taylor Rd

Roseville, CA 95678

Rating: ★★★★★ 

With multiple locations in the Sacramento area, but none in Sacramento proper, Cattlemens serves up various American dishes, while specializing in steak. We decided to visit their Roseville location since we were going to be in the area anyways. I had made a reservation off their website the day before, so after we arrived, we just had to wait for a server to seat us at a table. While waiting for a table, we overheard the hostess taking calls from people who wanted to call ahead for a table having to wait at least four hours due to the busy holiday. We were quickly seated by the hostess at a large table split in the middle with a divider. We had a little time to review the menu before our server arrived. The server was very nice and attentive.

Today, we decided to order the iced tea, strawberry lemonade, and the dinner for two that included an artichoke cheese dip appetizer, 6oz filet mignon, 14oz rib eye, Pete’s pan cookie, and grand canyon cheesecake. The ice tea tasted refreshing and unsweetened. The strawberry lemonade tasted delicious with just the right amount of sugar for it to not be too sweet but undeniably tasty. The meals also included salad with a choice of dressing as well as a loaf of bread. The entire salad tasted fresh and went well with the provided ranch dressing. The sourdough bread was sliced in half and sliced some more to pull apart. Each piece of bread was warm and fresh, which went well with the soft butter. Our artichoke cheese dip came with more delicious warm bread, which went well with the sliced artichoke and melted cheese. The filet mignon was cooked perfectly to order and was served with a baked potato. Each bite of the beef was tender and meaty. The baked potato had sour cream inside, but no butter, so we took butter that we already had on the table for the potato, which tasted great. The rib eye had a stack of fried flavorful onions on top, which complemented the dish well. The meat was extremely juicy, but a little too fatty at times, but is expected for a cut of rib eye. The mashed potatoes also went well with the dish. Both beef dishes tasted even better with the Cattlemens barbecue sauce that was available on the table. The meal also came with some dinner beans, which tasted much like chili, but we were not in the mood to eat it, but it did taste good. We then tried Pete’s pan cookie, which had an ample amount of vanilla ice cream atop of warm cookie. The cookie tasted delicious and was both chewy and crunchy. The abundance of ice cream was very welcoming and delicious. Unfortunately, we were too full to eat the cheesecake at the restaurant, but were able to eat it later. The cheesecake was creamy and tasted heavy. There is enough crust across the cheesecake and each bite tasted fulfilling. The slice was actually fairly tall, so there was plenty to eat.

Overall, Cattlemens serves up delicious tasting meals at reasonable prices and great portion sizes. Service was great today considering how busy the restaurant was. I definitely want to come by to order the 2lb porterhouse steak. Due to the great service, great tasting food, and various menu options, I can definitely recommend Cattlemens to any steak-lover.

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