Noodles & Company

7405 Laguna Blvd #170

Elk Grove, CA 95758

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Unsure about what to eat, we ventured to Noodles & Company due to their vast selection of noodle dishes. We decided to visit their Elk Grove location inside the Target shopping center. As you enter, a large menu is visible on the wall to the left as you walk towards the cashier. Plenty of tables were available and a Coca Cola Freestyle machine is available for tasting.

Today, we decided to order the Thai hot pot, steak stroganoff, and Korean meatballs. The Thai hot pot was presented very beautifully and colorfully, but the portion size was a bit small. There was plenty of spinach and not much noodle. The soup was very light, but not spicy. The ingredients including the meat were all very fresh and tasty. The provided bread was very hard, but was seasoned with some spices. The steak stroganoff came with plenty of pasta and pieces of tender steak mixed with a pesto-like sauce and topped with Parmesan cheese. Each piece of steak tasted amazing and the pasta tasted fresh. The whole dish came together well. The Korean meatballs was very tender and juicy, but the sauce was extremely salty. Unfortunately, each piece of meatball was drenched in the sauce, so you kind of need to bear with it while drinking soda or water. The sauce was savory and reminded me of teriyaki sauce, but the saltiness really overpowers everything.

Overall, Noodles & Company serves up a large variety of pasta dishes to suit many tastes. Prices are a bit high, but do represent the quality of food received even if portions are small. Most of the dishes tasted great, except for the extremely salty meatballs. The convenience of the variety of options make Noodles & Company a decent option to grab something tasty to eat. I would say that I would come back to try out more menu items, but I would avoid the meatballs.

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