Tako Korean BBQ

3030 T St

Sacramento, CA 95816

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 

Located on the corner of T street and Alhambra, Tako Korean BBQ serves up Korean-Mexican fusion in a car repair shop environment. When we entered the restaurant, we saw seating on both the inside and outside of the building. Large TV screens are mounted above the front of the restaurant displaying the variety of Korean-Mexican menu choices available to order. The restaurant was fairly busy and many tables were already in use.

Today, we decided to order three tacos with bulgogi, pulled pork, and dae ji bulgogi (spicy pork bulgogi); a bao; and a bulgogi burrito. The tray arrived with all of our food on it, so we decided to try out the bao first. The bao comes with a large chunk of pork belly in a traditional bun. The pork itself was pretty flavorless, but was not overly fatty. The sauce did not add much flavor, but the cilantro did make it more refreshing. The three tacos came in one large tray, but it was pretty hard to remove each taco. The bulgogi didn’t taste really fresh, and the beef itself did not taste that flavorful. The pulled pork was very tender and the BBQ sauce went well with the taco. The spicy pork bulgogi did not taste good at all. The meat did not taste fresh and the sauce tasted like someone dumped in way too much red bean paste. I did like how they were generous on the meat portion sizes, but the flavors were not all there. The bulgogi burrito tasted a bit bland at first, but then just didn’t taste good at all anymore. Just like the taco, the beef did not taste fresh, and the combination of rice, tortilla, old beef, and sour cream just did not mix. I ended up opening up the burrito to pick at the meat and rice.

Overall, Tako Korean BBQ uses an interesting and duplicated concept, but the flavor and quality was not there. I looked behind the counter and saw a large wok-like pan filled to the brim with red sauce and pork. This is by no means Korean BBQ and explains why each piece of meat lacked any good flavor or texture. On the prep counter, I also saw a stainless steel bowl of prepared bulgogi covered in shrink-wrap. Prices were high for the quality of food received, but do accurately represent the quantity of food received. Given another chance, I would not be back to try out anything else on their menu.

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