T4 Tea for U

4660 Natomas Blvd #120

Sacramento, CA 95835

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

A brand new tea/boba shop opened in North Natomas in the Raleys shopping center. T4 focuses their menu on tea-based drinks along with some other so-called Taiwan Classics. As we entered, the shop, there were quite a few people at the various tables chatting or playing provided board games. We approached the ordering counter where plenty of staff were working behind preparing orders.

Today, we decided to order the honey peach royal tea and the lychee black tea with aloe. The honey peach royal tea tasted delicious. Each sip contained a refreshing honey flavor with peach undertones and was mildly sweet. The lychee black tea with aloe was sweeter than the honey peach royal tea, buy tasted a lot more fruity. The aloe chunks took in a lot of the lychee flavor and added to the deliciousness of the drink.

Overall, T4 serves up fresh drinks at reasonable prices. Service was great, but they ran out of stamp cards, so the cashier just stamped the receipt. In addition to the drinks, T4 serves up various snack items that we also want to try on a return trip. If you are in Natomas and want to try a refreshing tea spot, T4 would be a wise choice.

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