Aloha BBQ Grill – Fairbanks AK

402 5th Ave

Fairbanks, AK 99701

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Located in downtown Fairbanks, Aloha  BBQ Grill serves up various Hawaiian dishes in the cold community. Upon parking on the frozen parking lot and walking up the small walkway into the restaurant, we were quickly greeted by our server and sat down at an available table and provided with menus. After a quick review of the menu, we were ready to order.

Today, we decided to order the Kalua Pork and the combination with Chicken Katsu & Meat Jun. After the server provided the order to the kitchen, he came back with two bowls of savory soup that was tasty and went well with the cold weather. He also came back with two dishes containing their own cabbage kimchi and macaroni salad. The kimchi was not really fermented, but just had kimchi flavors. The macaroni salad was like the ones you can buy in bulk from the grocery store, but it was still tasty. Not too long after, the server came back with both of our entrees. Both dishes came with generous portion sizes. The Kalua Pork was seasoned well and was mostly tender. The cabbage was soft and went well with the pork. There was not enough rice provided for the amount of meat, but that was OK. The chicken katsu was very crispy, but the chicken itself was sliced very thin. There were many occasions where the breading would just fall off of the meat because the chicken was so thin. The provided sauces were savory, but they did not resemble the katsu sauce that we were used to. The meat jun was interesting because it was actually sliced teriyaki marinated beef coated with egg. The result was quite tender and delicious. There was so much food that we were unable to finish it all so we took the rest to go.

Overall, Aloha BBQ Grill serves up some tasty dishes, especially with the Kalua pork since it was tender and delicious. Some items like the kimchi and the meat jun don’t really scream Hawaiian food, but the meat jun was surprisingly delicious. The server checked on us multiple times and always wanted to make sure we had everything we needed. With quick service and great portion sizes, I definitely recommend paying this restaurant a visit if you are in Fairbanks.

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