The Crepery – Fairbanks AK

535 2nd Ave #101

Fairbanks, AK 99701

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Located in downtown Fairbanks, the Crepery serves up a variety of different crepes consisting of both savory and sweet varieties along with various coffee drinks. We walked in, reviewed the menu board, and were ready to order. Today, we decided to order a 16 ounce mocha, pepperoni and cheese crepe, and crab melt crepe. After ordering, we were directed to sit at any available seat, and they will bring the mocha and food by when they were ready. We located an available table near the street window, and not long after, the mocha arrived. The mocha was very tasty and sweet. It seems like they used hot chocolate instead of chocolate syrup, which made the drink taste very rich. Soon, both crepes arrived piping hot. The pepperoni cheese crepe was extremely cheesy, and the pepperoni was quite flavorful. Unfortunately, each bite really just tasted cheesy without much flavor. The crab melt was oozing with cheesy crab goodness. Each bite was delicious and full of flavor. You can see the real crab pieces inside the crepe filling. Overall, the savory crepes were quite tasty, but the crab melt was the one that really hit it out of the park. The mocha was a nice drink to have coming in from the cold outside. If you are in Fairbanks and want to have a tasty meal that is reasonably priced, the Crepery would be a sure bet to fulfilling your needs.

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