America – Las Vegas, NV

New York New York Hotel Casino

3790 S Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89109

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Located inside New York New York Hotel Casino, America serves up traditional American Fare to hotel guests and visitors. As we arrived for late breakfast, plenty of seating was available. A hostess promptly brought us to a table and provided menus. While reviewing the menu, we noticed the restaurant decorated with various items representing various states in America. Most noticeably, there is a large 3-D map of the United States that spans from the floor to the ceiling and reaches across the restaurant.

Today, we decided to order a fresh orange juice; build your own omelet with sausage, cheese, and spinach; and a breakfast burrito. The orange juice did not actually arrive until after we reminded the server after the food arrived, which was quite unprofessional considering we waited around 15 minutes for the food with no orange juice to drink. The omelet was cooked fresh and served with a side of hash browns. The hash browns were tasty and fresh, which went well with an adequate amount of ketchup. The omelet tasted good, but there seemed to be a grainy aftertaste after taking a few bites, which lingered throughout the meal. There was a good amount of spinach and sausage in the omelet. The omelet also came with a side of toast, which tasted OK. The breakfast burrito came with ham, bacon, and chorizo along with the eggs and cheese. The burrito was a decent size, but smaller than many other Mexican restaurants. The burrito was full of flavor, especially when you run into the chorizo. The provided salsa added a much-needed freshness to the burrito, which ended up tasting fairly bland. The provided side of hash browns were just as tasty as the other plate.

Overall, America serves up traditional American food at reasonable prices. You are able to use your MGM express comps at this location. Service could have been a lot better if the server were to check on us more often and provided the orange juice when requested the first time. Food is in the “nothing special” category, and you should definitely not go out of your way to come eat here.

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