Dumpling King – Las Vegas, NV

5740 W Spring Mountain Rd

Las Vegas, NV 89146

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Located in Las Vegas’ Chinatown, Dumpling King supposedly serves up some great tasting soup dumplings. When we arrived on an early weekday afternoon, we were the only customers there. A Mandarin-speaking server brought us to a table and provided menus. She did not know much English at all either, so communication became a challenge. The restaurant is heavily decorated in red floral, so do not be surprised if you come here. There are plenty of Shanghainese items on the menu that I am not familiar with, but we managed to find a few things to try.

Today, we decided to order the soybean paste noodles, juicy beef steamed dumplings, and beef pot stickers. The soybean paste noodles were similar to ji jiang mien, but was not as saucy. The noodle dish was also plated differently with the noodles and veggies on a plate and the sauce with pork on the side. We basically poured the sauce and meat over the plate and mixed everything together. The noodles were chewy, the vegetables were fresh, but the sauce tasted watery. After mixing everything together, we found that we did not have enough sauce to really mix into the noodles. The juicy beef steamed dumplings were interesting because it was basically a beef xiaolongbao. I would say around half of the dumplings were already busted and juice depleted. The remaining dumplings remained juicy and tasted delicious when dipped in the soy-vinegar mixture. The beef actually provides a different, yet softer texture than pork xiaolongbaos and has a different flavor to the broth due to the dumpling being made of beef. The beef pot stickers tasted OK, but did not have much filling, and the filling contained celery. The taste of the small pot stickers just tasted odd to me even when dipped in the sauce.

Overall, Dumpling King does serve up a great tasting beef xiaolongbao. Unfortunately, everything else we ordered was a disappointment. If you want to try a xiaolongbao made of beef, then you should give Dumpling King a try, just don’t expect them to have many good tasting dumplings.

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