Panorama Grill and Lounge – Long Beach, CA

Holiday Inn Long Beach Airport

2640 N Lakewood Blvd

Long Beach, CA 90815

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Located on the penthouse floor of the Holiday Inn Long Beach Airport, the Panorama Grill and Lounge serves up various American dishes with a view across Long Beach. As you exit the elevator on the penthouse floor, you will find a bar to the door on the right and the restaurant to the door on the left. As you enter the dark restaurant, you can look out onto horizon. A hostess quickly escorted me to a table next to the window where I could look down onto the view of a gas station and shoe store. The menu is fairly simple and fits onto a page. A server took my drink order as I reviewed the menu.

Today, I decided to order the crab cakes and the pan seared Atlantic salmon. Before my dishes came, I was offered hot steaming bread with dollops of butter. The bread was very fresh and tasty. The crab cakes came first piping hot with the mango slaw to the side. The crab cakes were fairly flavorless unless you ate it with the slaw. I did not like how there were so many onions in the slaw. The cakes themselves held together well, but I would have liked more crab. The pan seared Atlantic salmon came next atop a bed of greens and sauce. A few delicious potatoes also came on the plate. The salmon itself was not seasoned well and tasted plain. The greens did add some texture and complexity to the dish, but I was not a fan of the tart sauce underneath.

The next morning, I came back to the restaurant to enjoy breakfast with a daytime view of Long Beach. The restaurant was very bright and there were only a few people there. I opted for the Traditional American breakfast with eggs, potatoes, and sausage. The eggs over hard tasted fresh. The potatoes were OK and hot, but did not taste very fresh. The sausages were very dense and steaming hot, but were not very flavorful. The provided orange juice tasted good, but it’s just Minute Maid.

Overall, Panorama Grill serves up decent tasting American food with a great view of the city of Long Beach. Service is pretty good here, but prices are a bit high for the quality of food received. If you are staying at the hotel, then this restaurant is nice and convenient, but I would not make a special trip to eat here.

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