Asian Cafe

2827 Norwood Ave

Sacramento, CA 95815

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Located in a more sketchy part of North Sacramento, Asian Café serves up a variety of Laotian and Thai dishes. Seating and décor are bland, but people come here for the food. Upon entering, you actually head up to the counter to order your meal and then take a seat of your choice. Food and drinks will be brought out to your table when they are ready.

Today, we ordered the stuffed chicken wings, egg rolls, Thai fried rice with beef, Thai iced tea, and the Kao Poon noodle soup. The stuffed chicken wings were crispy and went well with the provided sauce. The chicken itself was a bit dry though. The egg rolls were pretty bland, but tasted OK with the sauce. The rolls were only vegetable based. The Thai fried rice tasted fresh, but did not have as much flavor as Siam Restaurant. The Thai iced tea tasted good and looked appealing when it arrived. I did not taste the Kao Poon noodle, but it looked fresh with white meat chicken and was said to taste good.

Overall, Asian Café provides a different Asian fare in North Sacramento. If you are craving some Laotian/Thai food and you are up north, then Asian Café may satisfy your cravings until you have a chance to go down to South Sacramento.

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