Carino’s Italian Grill

3860 Truxel Rd
Sacramento, CA 95834

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Today, we decided to look for better tasting Italian food, so we ended up at Carino’s in Natomas. Located next to a Chilis and near a BJ’s and Mimi’s Café, Carino’s has a lot of competition for a restaurant. Upon entering the restaurant on Saturday night, we were told the wait was around 10 minutes as there was one group ahead of us. The restaurant did seem quite packed, but the hostess did not seem too cheery. After we were seated, a hostess provided us with menus and informed us that our server was Clorissa.

Today, we ordered the spicy romano chicken and the chicken parmigiana. The waitress provided a warm loaf a bread and a dish of olive oil and roasted garlic to snack on while waiting for the food. The bread had hints of rosemary and tasted delicious. I ended up asking for a refill on the bread twice. The spicy romano chicken tasted really healthy and fresh, but it did not have much chicken. There was a little bit of spice, but not much. The sauce tasted really good with the bowtie pasta. The chicken parmigiana was more of the opposite because the marinara sauce tasted a bit bland with not much spaghetti either. However, the chunk of chicken was huge! There was way too much chicken on the plate, but the breading tasted delicious and the entire piece of chicken was tender and juicy.

Overall, Carino’s does server up great tasting Italian food at OK prices, but the dishes are not 100% perfect. I was happy with the service provided and the appearance of the food. I would come back to give them a try when I’m exhausted of new Italian restaurants to try out. I would definitely come here instead of Olive Garden.

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