Sarang Bang – Part 2

3631 S Port Dr
Sacramento, CA 95826

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Today we decided to try out Sarang Bang again because they have quite an interesting menu. When we arrived, the entire restaurant was filled, and there were already people waiting in front of us. With just one waitress handling the entire restaurant, it took a while to get seated.

Today, we ordered the O’mu rice, bul go gi, and the cold buckwheat noodle w/special spicy sauce. The O’mu rice tasted pretty good and looked pretty interesting. It was pretty much a chicken fried rice omelet with ketchup on top. The O’mu rice tasted pretty good on its own because of the chicken inside. The bul go gi tasted good, but the pieces were pretty small and the portion size was also small. I was looking for larger pieces but found none. I was not a fan of the cold buckwheat noodles because the noodles were chewy and hard to cut and I did not really like the sauce.

Overall, Sarang Bang serves up Korean food not found at other Korean BBQ restaurants. If you wanted to pick up some good tasting O’mu rice, then Sarang Bang will have it. Service was OK, but slow due to the fact that there was only one waitress. If you come during dinnertime, expect to wait.

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