Pan Pacific

545 Downtown Pl
Sacramento, CA 95814

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Located inside the Downtown Plaza food court, Pan Pacific serves up teriyaki rice plates. Although not as busy as the panda express a few feet away, Pan Pacific does cook fresh teriyaki to order at very low prices. There’s usually someone in the front passing out free samples too.

Today, I ordered the chicken teriyaki with fried rice. They did take around 5 minutes to cook the teriyaki from scratch, but it was worth it. The meat was fresh and cooked all the way through while still staying juicy. There was not a lot of teriyaki sauce, but enough to give the meat and rice some more flavor. The fried rice was OK, but it was not too special with very little vegetables. The meal also came with a side of vegetables in the form of broccoli and cabbage. The portion size of the meal was very good considering the price at under $6.

Overall, Pan Pacific offers fresh teriyaki at great prices. The flavor may not be the best, but there is great value. If I felt like teriyaki, I would pay Pan Pacific a visit again. They also offer a card that they stamp so that you can get a free meal later on.

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