Yang’s Noodles

5860 Stockton Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95824

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

We decided to search for Taiwanese food in Sacramento, so we ended up at Yang’s Noodles on Stockton Blvd. All of the noodles at Yang’s Noodles are homemade. The restaurant has a menu printed completely in Chinese and another menu with English translations.

Today, we ordered the green onion pancake, potstickers, beef noodle soup, and bean curd with spicy minced pork. The green onion pancake was crispy and held together well, but did not have much flavor. The potstickers tasted good, but did not have much filling and also did not arrive until 5 minutes after all the dishes came out. The beef noodle soup had great flavor, but poor quality meat. I ended up pulling out large chunks of beef muscles and tendon because there was not much meat in the bowl at all. The soup was quite flavorful though. The bean curd with spicy minced pork tasted good, but did not have too much flavor. I did enjoy the handmade noodles in both dishes.

Overall, the food at Yang’s Noodles tasted OK, and the service is mediocre. If you are craving for Taiwanese food and can’t drive to Los Angeles, then you may end up here. After visiting this restaurant, I felt quite disappointed at the food. The prices are OK, but are slightly on the higher side considering what you get out of it.

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