Olive Garden

1780 Challenge Way
Sacramento, CA 95815

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 

In an attempt to find good tasting Italian food at decent prices, we ended up at Olive Garden for their parmesan crusted 2 for $25 menu. We arrived less than one hour before closing, so there was plenty of seating.

For the meal, we received salad, soup, breadsticks, parmesan crusted chicken, parmesan crusted prosciutto tortellini, and the tiramisu. The minestrone soup tasted OK, but I did not like the beans because they made the soup more grainy. The salad tasted good, but was nothing special. The breadsticks did not even arrive until all of the entrees arrived, and the server was not really available to question. The parmesan crusted chicken tasted OK, but the portion size was pretty small, and the dish was quite oily. The parmesan crusted prosciutto tortellini was even more oily and even a bit salty. The highlight of the meal was the tiramisu because of the soft and tasty.

Overall, the food at Olive Garden had been disappointing, and the service quite lackluster. Even with the great deal of the 2 for $25 menu, I suggest you look elsewhere for Italian food. I do  not recommend coming back to this location.

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