Sumo Sushi – Part 2

2338 Fair Oaks Blvd

Sacramento, CA 95825

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

The last visit to Sumo Sushi was not that great due to the over-battered shrimp tempura in the rolls. Today, I wanted to give them another shot to see if the other day was just a fluke.

Today, I ordered the shrimp tempura appetizer, crunchy California, sushi boy, and Lion King. The portion size for the shrimp tempura was pretty good, but the shrimp was still over-battered. Although, the shrimp tempura on its own tasted good. The crunchy California was more about seeing the pile of tempura flakes than the taste. The roll itself tasted OK, but it was nothing special. I actually didn’t care much for the flakes. The sushi boy tasted ok and the salmon tasted fresh, but the shrimp tempura inside was disappointing like last time. The lion king tasted good, but I still prefer the taste of the roll at Arigatos.

Overall, the rolls at Sumo Sushi taste OK, but I feel that Arigatos has better tasting rolls. Sumo does do better in the fact that their rolls are larger, and that is especially evident in the lion king. Prices are low/same as Arigatos, so that’s a plus. Next time I crave for sushi, I’ll probably just head to Arigatos.

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