Asian Pearl – Part 2

6821 Stockton Blvd #165

Sacramento, CA 95823

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 

Located in South Sacramento near SF Supermarket, Asian Pearl serves up popular Hong Kong style dim sum. On this visit, we decided to try and arrive closer to 1PM to avoid the crowd. When we arrived, there was still a crowd of people waiting and we ended up waiting for over 20 minutes for a two-person table. After being seated, we gave our tea order for our usual Chrysanthemum Bo-lay tea, which arrived quickly. The tea tasted good and was made with real blooms and tea leaves.

Unfortunately, the tea was the highlight of the meal. After bringing the tea, we were able to order the BBQ pork cheung fun, when was brought over to us five minutes later. The cheung fun was fairly thick but did not taste that fresh. A while later, we were able to order the pork turnover, but there was no flavor and the crust was too thick. After sitting around for over 10 minutes, we never had a cart of steamed dim sum come by. The only carts that came by were for light desserts, rice porridge, and other random stuff. The most important cart is the steamed dim sum cart, which never came by. After flagging down a server, we asked him to get someone to come over. He did proceed to find someone to push the cart over, but the lady with the cart was completely sidetracked by a table where another guest was having a long conversation with her. After another five minutes watching her talk, I asked the same server to come by to see what the heck is going on. Eventually, the lady got to our table, but she was out of most of the dim sum including har gow and the chicken sticky rice. When I asked when they would be ready, she just said they were still being steamed. The sui mai tasted OK and the pork was fresh, but there was a lot of water coming out of the dumpling. After another 10 minutes or so, we were able to flag down a cart of fried shrimp balls. The shrimp balls were extremely oily and did not taste fresh. The sweet and sour sauce also tasted odd.

Overall, Asian Peal completely failed this dim sum presentation. Not only did we wait an exponential amount of time to get seated and then get food, the food wasn’t even all the good at all. Also, the prices were fairly high for what you get. I simply cannot recommend anyone coming here for dim sum. The service is horrible and staff just don’t know how to do their job.

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