Jiao Jiao Hand Pulled Noodle – Flushing, NY

New World Mall Food Court

133-43 Roosevelt Ave, Ste 12

Queens, NY 11354

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Located inside a bustling food court, Jiao Jiao Hand Pulled Noodles serves up fresh noodles cooked to order. With a large picture menu board sitting near the ordering counter, we decided to try out their Fried Hand Pulled Noodle with Chicken. The order took around 10 minutes to cook, and we were able to watch the chef make fresh noodles. Once we received our food, we quickly scored an open table. The noodles were extremely steaming hot. The noodles were very savory, but had an odd taste. After eating the noodles for a while, the odd taste could possibly be coming from the lightly spiced chili oil. The chicken itself was well seasoned and tender. The noodles were also quite a bit thicker than normal chow mein noodles. For $8, the meal tasted OK, but was not amazing. Service was mediocre, and they only accepted cash. Since the noodles were not amazing and the taste odd, I cannot recommend eating here. There were a lot of other food options in the food court that now seems more appealing.

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