Halal Guys – New York, NY

W 53rd St & 6th Ave

New York, NY 10019

Rating: ★★★★★ 

You must come eat here! Located not too far from Times Square and near Central Park, the original Halal Guys food cart serves up delicious chicken, gyro, and rice. Don’t be fooled by other Halal food carts across New York, as you must visit the official Halal Guys. They have expanded to cover additional street corners as well as restaurant locations all serving up the good stuff. Since we missed the lunch rush, the line was much more bearable.

Today, we ordered the chicken and rice plate. The plate came with some pita bread, loads of chicken, and seasoned rice. The meal also included two packets of white sauce and one packet of extremely spicy red sauce. Mixing the white sauce with the rice and chicken added a creamy savory flavor across the entire plate. The fresh pita bread adds some additional texture to the delicious rice and chicken. The red sauce was surprisingly spicy, but the white sauce adds a balance to the heat. I liked eating the rice and chicken with just the white sauce as well as with both red and white sauces. There is a hearty portion of rice and just enough chicken to complete the meal. The chicken was tender and chopped into easy bite-sizes. The rice was fresh, seasoned, and cooked properly. At just $7, this delicious meal is well worth it.

Overall, Halal Guys serves up delicious fresh food at affordable prices. Service is quick and easy since the food is quickly prepared after you pay for your meal. The food comes hot, fresh, and satisfies all of your cravings. If you are visiting New York, you must eat Halal Guys at least once if not more often. With locations opening in California, I hope that the delicious flavors mirror those in New York.

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