Aura Korean & Japanese Restaurant

1401 G St

Sacramento, CA 95814

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

I never thought I could say Korean food could be too sweet until my visit to Aura Korean & Japanese Restaurant. Located in midtown, this small restaurant serves up a variety of Korean and Japanese cuisine catering towards a younger crowd. Various drink specials and $0.75 shots are available. Servers were nice, but clumsy as she spilled a cup of water everywhere on the table.

A small selection of banchan was provided including a small salad with colorful sauces. The server was quick to refill anything due to the water spill incident. She also offered to comp an order of crazy fries for the spill. The crazy fries arrived next with various colorful sauces on top of a bed of tasty fries and beef bulgogi. The highlight of the meal was the crazy fries, which tasted amazing! For the rest of the meal, we ordered the Spicy Pork, Japchae Noodles, and Bi Bam Bap. The spicy pork tasted good and had many large pieces of meat, but there was a lot of sauce and tasted quite a bit sweeter than I was used to. The japchae noodles tasted good and had a lot of toppings, but also tasted sweeter than usual. The bi bam bap also tasted sweeter than other restaurants and did not really compare to a true Korean restaurant.

Overall, the food was pretty much mediocre and did not really taste authentic and way too sweet. If you do come, order the crazy fries because they taste amazing! Be wary of the servers so that they do not spill your drinks. Don’t be scared of the colorful sauces as they do taste really good. If you wanted to try something different or wanted to eat something sweet, head to Aura, but if you are looking for authentic Korean food, head to 88 Tofu or Rancho Cordova.

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