Streets of London Pub – West Sacramento

2200 Lake Washington Blvd

West Sacramento, CA 95691

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

With Amazon Local voucher in hand, we headed to Streets of London Pub in West Sacramento to try out some authentic fish and chips. The restaurant is located in the Lowe’s shopping center on the side of the lot. When we entered, we were prompted to seat ourselves and then a server promptly appeared with menus and drink orders.

Today, we ordered the bacon cheese burger with garlic fries and the full-sized fish and chips. The burger tasted really good and the meat tasted fresh. Unfortunately, the two onion rings on top of the burger were extremely greasy. You can feel the oil flow down your throat as you eat the rings. The garlic fries tasted OK, but there was not too much garlic flavor. Also, there was not much in terms of chunks of garlic at all visible on the fries. The fries were also greasier than the regular fries with the fried fish. The fish and chips came with a large chunk of fish atop a bed of fries. The fries tasted fresh and went well with ketchup. The fried fish tasted fresh, but like the onion rings, the breading felt quite greasy. The tartar sauce that accompanied the meal tasted sweet and delicious.

Overall, Streets of London Pub serves up good tasting food while providing great service, but the food was overly greasy. For the grease-factor alone, I do not recommend coming here often. If you do come here, avoid the fried foods. Prices are decent, but a little on the high side.

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