Bento Box

2449 Fair Oaks Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95825

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

In search of some fulfilling Asian food in the Fair Oaks area, we ended up at Bento Box. Upon entering, we were promptly seated in the restaurant that was not too busy. Since we came in on a Monday during lunch, I was able to order from the daily lunch special menu.

Today, we ordered the chicken teriyaki with gyoza from the Monday lunch special menu as well as the pork teriyaki plate. Both meals came in nicely plated boxes with adequate amounts of meat and rice. The provided salad tasted fresh and refreshing. The pickled daikon radish tasted fresh and was tasty as well. The gyoza tasted OK, but was a bit crispy and didn’t taste all that special. The chicken was tender and had great grill-marks. The pork teriyaki also tasted good while being soft and tender. I like how they provided the fortune cookie as part of the meal.

During the meal, we were checked on a few times and our waters were refilled. Service was excellent from start to finish. Overall, Bento Box served up tasty food with great service. If you are looking for great tasting teriyaki in a comfortable environment, then Bento Box will be the right place to go.

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