Szechuan Spicy House

6914 65th St
Sacramento, CA 95823

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 

Service good. Food not good.


Since 88 Tofu closed down, we always wondered what will occupy that space. Eventually, we found Szechuan Spicy House opened in its place. Upon entering the restaurant, you quickly notice how red the restaurant is. There were not a lot of people at the restaurant at the time, and the servers were just standing around. We were quickly seated and offered drinks while we looked over the menu. The menu is unlike most Chinese restaurants that we visited due to the Szechuan menu. Since we were not too familiar with the dishes, we tried to order what seemed to taste good.

Today, we ordered the Shanghai Style Drunken Chicken, Dumplings with Chili Oil, Clay Pot Beef with Spicy Sauce, and Sauteed Vermicelli and Spicy Minced Pork. The Drunken Chicken tasted like cold queen’s chicken mixed with rice wine. The dish was not appetizing since there was a heavy rice wine flavor over cold chicken. The dumplings with chili oil tasted OK, but had a strong chive flavor that overpowered the dumplings. Also, the bowl had a ton of chili oil inside. The clay pot beef tasted tender and came with a good amount of beef with just enough heat. The sauteed vermicelli and spicy minced pork was more like noodles in chili oil soup with tiny bits of pork mixed in. The dish was insanely hard to eat with tons of chili oil in it. I could take the heat, but each bite tasted so unhealthy.

Overall, Szechuan Spicy House serves up supposedly authentic food that is pretty hard to eat. With so much chili oil in some dishes, the meal was barely edible except for the beef. Unfortunately, I could not recommend coming here unless you are a big fan of Szechuan cooking. Service decayed as the meal went on leaving cups of water without refills while drinking in tablespoons of chili oil. Prices have already started changing from their pre-printed menu, which is a cause for concern for their long-term viability. In case you have not decided yet, do not come here.

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