Fry’s Promo Codes

We know that Fry’s usually has great deals on their AD’s every week, but now there are also even better deals in their “Promo Code” emails. Fry’s has been working on changing their advertising scheme transitioning from the old fashioned newspaper publishing to online. Since Fry’s wanted to push more people to find even better deals, you can now sign up to receive emails for “Promo Codes” that sometimes include items that area already on AD, but offered at an even lower price when a promo code is used.

In order to sign up, click the following link, enter your email and zip code, and submit.

You will want to enter the two Fry’s email addresses: [email protected] and [email protected] to your safe sender’s lists so that the emails are not blocked or directed to the junk mail.

As of Today, 3/22/15, Fry’s sends out daily emails with your personal promo code for that particular email. Each email you receive each day is good for the items posted on that day’s email. For now, Fry’s has been sending out emails showing specials that last only one day, and specials that last for 4 days. Make sure you check the date of the email so that you know when the 4 day items end. When you click on the link in the email to view the items, you will browse what looks like an AD that shows the promo code discounts. Most of the items are only good in store, but some are also good online.

If you are planning a trip to Fry’s, you should review the email received for that day to see if there are any good 1 day sale items as well as the remaining 4 day sale items. You should also review the emails sent over the past 3 days as each email with their own promo code has an AD good for 4 days.

Be aware that although the items may seem to be a great deal in comparison to Fry’s regular prices, you will want to comparison shop with online retailers like to see if the price is really a deal. Sometimes you will find that Fry’s promo code price is the regular price of the item on

You definitely want to sign up for the promo code emails prior to Black Friday since Fry’s has used the promo codes last year for most of the highly sought after sale items.

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