Broderick Burger Company (formerly Wicked Wich)

545 Downtown Plaza #2095

Sacramento, CA 95814

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

While looking for the Wicked Wich restaurant in the food court of Downtown Plaza, we found that the name has changed to the Broderick Burger Company. The owners are the same, and there have only been a few menu changes. Originally known for their creative sandwiches and now also for their burgers, the Broderick Burger Company serves up interesting food concoctions that will satisfy your hunger.

Today, we ordered the Wicked Wich with pastrami, Miss Saigon, and Banh Mi Fries. The Wicked Wich was really tasty and had tender, flavorful pastrami. I was not a big fan of the coleslaw in the sandwich, but the fries inside the sandwich were delicious. The Miss Saigon sandwich looked good, but was overly salty. The sandwich had jalapenos, pickled vegetables, and pulled pork, which resembled traditional Banh Mi sandwiches, but the sauce was just way too salty. Likewise, the Banh Mi Fries was pretty much the Miss Saigon on top of a bed of fries. Unfortunately, the toppings were still way too salty. The fries themselves tasted really good and were sold at a great price when purchased alone.

Overall, the Broderick Burger Company serves up very interesting food, but the food quality seems hit or miss. I would advise against the Miss Saigon and Banh Mi Fries due to the saltiness, but maybe it was just a bad batch. During the lunch rush, the service was extremely slow and the staff seemed to be working as fast as they could. Crowds of people were just waiting for their food. If you want to eat something different for lunch, then Broderick Burger Company could be a good stop, but only if you have enough time to wait for the food.

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