Teabo Cafe – Davis

2191 Cowell Blvd

Davis, CA 95616

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Located in South Davis in the Safeway shopping center, Teabo Café serves up a variety of natural boba drinks along with the usual boba snacks. They take all major credit cards with square. The restaurant is decorated with many panda figures all over the place, including the restroom. You may not see the cafe location at first, but it is located closer to the street in the buildings near the pet store.

Today, I ordered a lychee slush, garlic fries, and popcorn chicken. The lychee slush tasted really refreshing and was flavored well. The price of the large-sized cup was acceptable. There were plenty of drink options available with various add-ins and sweetness levels. The garlic fries were amazing! There was plenty of real garlic pieces spread all over the fries. There was so much garlic that it was burning my mouth at times with the spice. The portion size for the large is a great value considering the amount of garlic used and the amount of fresh fries provided. The popcorn chicken tasted very fresh and the breading was slightly crispy. When received, the chicken was steaming hot with a bit of spice. Every piece was tender, and the portion size was good too.

Overall, Teabo Café serves up delicious food along with their drinks. You should expect to receive your drinks way before your food because the food is cooked fresh in the back. Prices are good overall, and the flavor of the food and drinks are excellent. If you are looking for a nice place to study or relax, then Teabo Café will keep you hydrated and full.

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