Buffalo Wild Wings

6301 Sunrise Blvd
Citrus Heights, CA 95610

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Walking into Buffalo Wild Wings, you will notice all of the walls lined with LCD TVs and projector screens. You can come here to eat and expect to see your game on at least one of the screens. We went for their Tuesday wing special, consisting of 50 cent wings.

Today, we ordered 5 pieces of each flavor: BBQ, Asian Zing, Hot, and Spicy Garlic. We also ordered a side of potato slices. Unfortunately, the wings were either not fresh, or were just not hot enough. The BBQ flavor was savory tasty. The Hot flavor was definitely hot on the hot scale. The spicy garlic was spicy, but not overbearing. The Asian Zing definitely tasted the best out of all the flavors we tried. The potato slices were hot, and probably would taste even better if we added the supplemental seasoning.

Overall, Buffalo Wild Wings has quite an impressive sauce selection. I would definitely go back to try other flavors and Asian Zing again. Compared to Wingstop, I would choose Buffalo Wild Wings because of their selection and restaurant size, but freshness still belongs to Wingstop.

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