BJ’s Restaurant – Part 2

3531 N Freeway Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95834

Rating: ★★★★★ 

A much improved visit to BJ’s in Natomas prompted a new review in lieu of the previous review. Plus, this time BJ’s party for two combo is back again. Two soups or salads, a medium pizza, and a pizookie for only $19.99!

I started off with their delicious clam chowder. It was piping hot, creamy, and loaded with clams and yumminess. Then, I ventured toward their five meat pizza, with ample amounts of meats atop a bed of cheese straddled on fluffy deep dish crust. Although not Chicago deep dish, BJ’s pizzas are quite tasty! (and not as messy). To finish it off, a white chocolate macadamia pizookie completed the delicious meal. During the entire time, I was downing two cups of their tasty crafted root beer.

Overall, BJ’s in Natomas continues to provide amazing tasting food with great service. The pizza deal for $19.99 is only available for a limited time only, so catch it while you can. You can also upgrade the pizza from a medium to a large for only $3 more.

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  1. […] Today, we ordered the hot wings, Mac N’ Cheese, the dinner for two Pizza deal (2 soups or salads, medium pizza, and a pizookie) which included two clam chowders, half chicken bacon ranch half spicy meatball, and a white chocolate pizookie. The food tasted great with my BJ’s crafted Root Beer. The hot wings were of good size, and the buffalo sauce was HOT! The Mac N’ Cheese looked and tasted like a heart attack, a bit on the cheesy side. The clam chowders were delicious; however, I do not suggest having one person eat both bowls. The pizza was OK today. The spicy meatball seemed to have larger meatballs at the Natomas location, but was way spicier than before too. The chicken bacon ranch pizza lacked flavor, but the pizza crust was delicious. The white chocolate pizookie was delicious! I just wished BJ’s in Arden would have gave me as much ice cream as Natomas did on my previous review. […]

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