BJ’s Restaurant

3531 N Freeway Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95834

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

I can always count on BJ’s to provide a good tasting meal for a large group of people. Surprisingly busy for a Wednesday night, the server kept up with constant refills on drinks. Today I ordered a crafted root beer and a Grilled Chicken Giant Stuffed Potato.

The crafted root beer does taste better than standard root beer in a can, and you will get free refills too. The grilled chicken giant stuffed potato was large for a potato. Split in half, filled with grilled chicken, broccoli, and cheese, this dish is certainly filled with good stuff. Served with a side of ranch, the actual combination of ingredients would be more tasty with more flavor. I would probably not order it again.

The meal was finished off with a free birthday pizookie, which is always delicious topped with creamy vanilla ice cream. Due to great service and good food, BJ’s deserves a visit once and a while to chow down on various menu items. Of all the locations in the Sacramento area, I have found the best service to be at the Natomas location, with Arden 2nd, Roseville 3rd, and Elk Grove last. In the end, you just can’t resist the temptation of BJ’s famous pizookie!

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  2. […] Arden proves to keep the quality of food at a high level. However, better service still resides at Natomas. If you are looking for good food and don’t mind mediocre service, BJ’s at Arden will […]

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